Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Vemed.com makes it possible to put Visitors and Sales team in contact, in particular through the requests formulated by Visitors and transmitted to Sales.
To acquire the services offered by the website, Visitors and Sellers must communicate Personal Data that is collected, processed and protected in accordance with the present Privacy Policy.
The website editor attaches the greatest importance to the protection of Visitors’ privacy and Personal Data in compliance with the current regulations and with regard to offering optimized services.
Definitions of capitalized words are provided at the end of the present Privacy Policy.
Mandatory: the mandatory information required of the Visitor on the request forms for “Request a personalized quote”, “Receive documentation” and “Request price options” is the following: name, email address, city, type of visitor (Professional/Private), company name if the Visitor is a professional and description of his or her project for requests for prices/quotes.
Optional: the Visitor may also optionally provide the following data: first name, phone number, type of company, business sector and website.
The Editor also collects the following data:
The Visitor’s ID
The creation date and the date the request is sent
The recipient ID, type of recipient, recipient email address.
Other quoting or info related forms:
Newsletter subscription form:
The only information requested on the newsletter subscription page is the recipient’s email address.
Creating an account
The Visitor can also create an account in order to access his or her personal page by providing his or her email address and a password (mandatory).
He or she can then fill out his or her profile with the following data: last name, first name, city, phone number, company name, type of company and website (optional).
This account allows the Visitor to manage his or her Personal Data, newsletter subscription preferences, favorites and access requests made on the Website.
Purpose: The provision of this Personal Data by the Visitor is mandatory in order to enable the Editor to provide the Visitor with services, in particular to collect and transmit his or her requests and contact details to the Sellers and to communicate information to him or her.
The provision of this information also allows the Editor to manage its Visitor file, track the relationship with the Visitor and, if necessary, meet its legal obligations.
The data collected when the account is created enables the Visitor to create and manage his or her account as described above.
Any Visitor who does not wish to provide the required information may not make a request, receive information or create an account.
The Editor may also communicate the Personal Data of Visitors to third parties in compliance with a legal obligation, for example to respond to complaints related to information and content that could be in violation of the rights of third parties, at the request of a judicial or public authority, or pursuant to a judicial or administrative decision, or an independent administrative authority.
Subcontractors: the Personal Data may be communicated solely for the purposes set out above, by the Editor to its staff, affiliated companies or suppliers, including certain service providers. The Editor shall take all measures to require such recipients to comply with applicable regulations and, where applicable, that all transfers are based on an adequate level of protection or sufficient guarantees. The Editor's suppliers are authorized to process Personal Data only on the Editor's instructions.
Preservation and archiving: Personal Data concerning Visitors is kept for file management
The Editor undertakes to make its best efforts to store and archive this Personal Data under appropriate security conditions in compliance with the applicable provisions, in accordance with current technical means.
The Personal Data communicated by the Visitor may also be used by the Editor to send information emails concerning the Editor, its activities, the products or services identical or similar to the products and services offered to the Visitor by VEmed.
Any person has the right to object to the receipt of information emails from the Editor at any time.


3.1. In order to achieve the individual needs of your web experience, the editor is using cookies to manage our website's login status and account or data security. Collect user information to help you optimize your choice and interaction of advertising.
These cookies are functional cookies necessary for browsing the Website and making it possible to provide optimized Services for the Visitor.
By continuing to browse the Website, the Visitor accepts the deposit of these cookies.

3.2. We will not use cookies for any purpose other than those described in this privacy policy. You can manage or delete cookies according to your preferences. If you delete cookies, you may need to personally change the user settings each time you visit this website and the information you previously recorded will also be deleted and may have an impact on the security of the services you use.
Website: the website accessible through the address www.vemed.com
Visitor: any natural or legal person, professional or otherwise, who browses and/or makes a request on the Website.
Personal Data: data of a personal nature enabling a natural person to be identified directly or indirectly within the meaning of the regulations in force.
Privacy Policy: the present document detailing the methods of processing Personal Data and cookies and trackers used on the Website. This privacy policy applies without prejudice to the general conditions or contracts concluded between the Publisher and the Visitors.
If you have any requirements, questions or concerns about matters of personal data and this privacy policy. Please contact us via


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